27 Feb Relationship Counselling: Is it for you? 5 Benefits

Trudy Jacobsen | Relationship

Relationship counselling can benefit any couple, no matter if you’re dealing with seismic issues or not.

In fact, you really don’t have to be experiencing any problems to participate in relationship counselling. Though many couples tend to wait until bad gets to worse before making the call.

Because we each are unique individuals with our own set of experiences influencing us, coming together in a romantic partnership can be challenging.

Relationship counselling can help to smooth out these relational wrinkles, encouraging a deep bond between partners.

Here are some benefits that may help you decide if it’s right for you.

1. Improves Communication

As you may know, communicating your perspective to another person may seem impossible at times. This is where mind-reading would come in handy. But, alas, this superhuman power eludes most of us.

Nevertheless, relationship counselling can help you both to slow things down and better understand each other, empowering you with empathy and compassion.

Moreover, knowing how to communicate saves couples from a great deal of heartache due to misunderstandings and mistaken rejection. Rather than react, you’ll be able to respond to your partner. These are skills that don’t come naturally. After all, we’re humans and we are hardwired to protect ourselves.

2. Resolves Ongoing Conflicts

Unfortunately, our hardwired self-protection strategies don’t always serve our relationship! In fact, the strategies we use to protect ourselves, develop into patterns, which cause the emotional distance we feel during conflicts.

The pattern is now the problem! As a result of this pattern, you may feel as though you keep having the same fight over and over. Or you simply never truly come to a resolution on an issue.

Relationship counselling helps you to resolve these ongoing conflicts. After years of dealing with certain issues, surface problems tend to cover the real issues. Counselling helps you to develop skills to get to the heart of these problems.

It may take a bit of digging and searching, but addressing core issues in a relationship helps increase relationship satisfaction.

3. Deepens Understanding

It’s not uncommon for couples to be together for a long time and still not truly know one another. Keep in mind, it’s normal for people to change and transform with age.

So, when someone says their partner isn’t the same person anymore, it’s probably true. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Change can be good. It’s just hard to keep up with sometimes.

Relationship counselling can help you to understand each other, even during life’s natural transformations. With the assistance of a counsellor, you and your partner can develop strategies that support continual growth, development and connectivity.

4. Fortifies Commitment

Whether you said your official “I dos” or you are simply dedicated to one another, relationship counselling can help strengthen this commitment.

Not only will your counsellor encourage you both to review and renew your commitment, but they can also help you to set goals together. Relational goals have the potential to keep couples on track.

Most of all, establishing your commitment in various ways tends to add a dash of zest to your love life as well.

5. Revives Romance

A vibrant love life is what we all desire, isn’t it? That feeling of a great connection is unrivalled. And relationship counselling supports that need for passion and romance.

A lot of times—even in the most dedicated relationships—the glory of passion fades away. Meaning, sex can get dull and you may become bored with each other’s company.

Relationship counselling empowers you with little tricks to keep the romantic flames burning. You’ll learn things like how to establish relationship habits that encourage romance. And you’ll be encouraged to use your calendar to schedule some of these moments as well.

So, what do you think? Is relationship counselling for you?

As you can see, even when the world isn’t crashing down on your love life, relationship counselling offers many benefits. Contact me today at info@clscc.com.au if you would like to learn more about how it can benefit you. Now at two locations Moorooka and Ipswich.