15 Oct Turning Possibility and Hope into Positive Life Changes: 4 Steps for Personal Growth

Trudy Jacobsen

We’ve all heard the phrase “the possibilities are endless.” As overused as it may be, there is actually a lot of truth to it!

Possibility and hope are always there when it comes to changes in our lives. However, actually growing and making those changes is the key.

The idea of personal growth can seem overwhelming. Often, we get comfortable in our “old ways,” even if we desire something more.

The good news?

You don’t have to attend a seminar or listen to a motivational speaker. You don’t even need to read book after book to experience personal growth. All you have to do is make the commitment to become a better version of yourself.

Let’s take a look at four steps that can help you to do just that.

1. Understand Your Self-Talk

Before you can focus on growing and moving forward, it’s important to understand what might be holding you back. We all get sucked in by negative self-talk sometimes. But if it’s keeping you from being who you really want to be, it’s a problem.

Try to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones when it comes to how you see yourself. That can be a huge motivating factor in making better life changes.

2. Get to Know Yourself

Before you start to better yourself, you have to really get to know yourself. What is it you’d like to change? What are you good at? Where do you have areas you could improve? What things in your life are holding you back?

It can be very difficult to really know yourself. But it’s a necessary step if you want to improve and grow as a person.

3. Setting Goals

We tend to get hung up on setting huge life goals. Unfortunately, those often feel overwhelming, so we quit before we get a chance to put in the real work.

While bigger goals are fine, it’s important to also set small, everyday goals for yourself. Setting goals the right way will make you feel more confident and motivated as you achieve them each day.

For instance, you might set a goal to have more energy, so you go to bed earlier each night. Or you might want to lose weight, so you set a goal to go running each day. These little goals will add up to a big reward, and you’ll feel better about yourself along the way.

4. Create a Plan to Achieve Those Goals

Once you have determined your goals, how are you going to achieve them? Putting a plan in place to accomplish what you really want will help to hold you accountable. It will also make your goals feel less overwhelming, whether they’re big or small.

Don’t be afraid to get friends or family involved to hold you accountable, too!

Everyone’s plan is different, and it ultimately depends on what you really want. Sometimes, your plan might include learning more about what it will take to achieve your goal. Other times, you’ll need to create step-by-step instructions for yourself in order to make things happen.

You know how your mind and body tend to respond to things. Apply that understanding of yourself to create a plan you know you’ll be able to follow and use it as your guideline to make positive changes.

If you want more insight on how to turn possibility and hope into personal growth, contact me on (07) 3282 5453. Together, we can dive deeper into what you really want for yourself, and work on different ways to accomplish your goals. As a result, you will be able to do better and be better every single day, taking advantages of each opportunity to experience growth you may have never thought possible.