28 Jan Career and Singleness: A Look at Dating Dilemmas from a Professional’s Point of View

Career and Singleness: A Look at Dating Dilemmas from a Professional’s Point of View

As a working professional, you’ve likely experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to manage a career and a dating life.

Moreover, you may feel as though you must choose to either focus on your career or your dating life. In reality, you can have both—but there are always dilemmas involved.

If you feel stuck somewhere within your career and your singleness, you’re certainly not alone. Consider some of the dilemmas that career-minded individuals tend to face on the dating front.

Setting Priorities

You’ve prioritized your work and career up until this point. But maybe you’re scrolling through social media one day and realize that all your peers have spouses and children!

So… time slipped away a little bit. It happens!

A huge factor that prevents people from dating and finding long-term relationships is their career. You’ve focused on your career where others focused on their personal lives. Both are completely valid, and it’s all a matter of priorities.

If you find yourself in a comfortable place within your career, you may want to consider a shift in priorities and focus on your dating life.

Getting Out There

Dating in this digital era has been totally revolutionized by the internet. Nonetheless, getting out into the dating scene is nothing short of daunting.

If you’ve been focused on your career up until this point, you may feel like you don’t even know where to begin with dating. Which apps are most popular nowadays? Where do people even meet potential partners anymore? Unless you’ve been constantly attuned to the dating scene, these questions may linger in your mind.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to navigate getting out there. Going out with friends, trying out a dating app, or having a drink at a new bar are all ways to begin putting yourself back in the scene.

Knowing Your Standards

Again, if you’ve been single for a while, you may be uncertain about what your standards even are. Do you want someone as advanced in their career as you are? Are conflicting political views a deal-breaker? These questions come up (and become answered) as we date and experience different partners.

As a working professional, you may find yourself uncertain about what you even want. Don’t put pressure on yourself to feel like you need to know what you’re looking for right off the bat. Allow yourself time to explore your options and truly find what it is you’re looking for in a partner.

Considering Your Long-Term Goals

If you’ve focused on your career for much of your adult life, you likely feel accomplished with your work status. At this point, you may need to focus on considering your long-term relationship goals.

Do you see yourself marrying and starting a family? Would you ever want to step away from your career to raise said kids? There is no right or wrong answer.

If you want to focus on your career further, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting children. You still deserve to find love and happiness regardless. On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you do want to focus on having a family. It’s all about what you want but figuring that out may take a little soul-searching.

Navigating a dating life as a career-minded individual can feel intimidating. You may feel pressure to find a significant other simply because that seems like the norm. However, you should only strive for a relationship when you truly feel that is what you want. Never feel guilty or ashamed of your decisions.

Allow yourself to seriously consider the above-mentioned, common dating dilemmas and the solutions. There is a way to have both a career and a dating life but finding the balance will take some balancing on your part.

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