Clinical Supervision Brisbane

Clinical Supervision

I am registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Clinical Supervisor. I have over 16 years experience working with individuals, groups and couples and have provided professional services within a number of different organisations and counselling settings.

As a result of my work experience I have gained valuable skills and knowledge, which I utilise when providing clinical supervision to other health care professionals.

When providing clinical supervision, my objective is to create a safe, non-judgemental environment for professionals to critically reflect upon their practice with clients, thereby strengthening their capacity to achieve positive outcomes for their clients.

My areas of interest include relationship counselling, couples counselling, grief counselling, hypnotherapy, and depression and anxiety counselling.

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What does Clinical Supervision mean?

The function of clinical supervision is to;

  • Develop practice-based knowledge, skills and capacity that will enhance the expertise and fulfilment of individuals working in the human services field.
  • Clinical supervision is an opportunity for health care professionals to reflect upon how their work is affecting them, and in turn, how their personal state is influencing their practice. Strategies to encourage self-care are identified and implemented. Supervision is place to reflect upon personal and professional boundaries and to recognise when assistance may be required.
  • Supervision is a forum for reflecting up the accountabilities, policies and procedures of the employing organisation and the ethical standards of your profession. Supervision helps to clarify your roles and responsibilities within the context of the organisation and your own professional code of ethics. Through supervision good practice is strengthened with strategies for managing concerns, addressing compliance and strategizing systemic change initiates.

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