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Brisbane Work-Life Balance Coaching

Are the demands of life causing you to feel stressed and overwhelmed? Does your life feel chaotic and out of control? Are you being pulled in all directions? Constantly responding to the demands of life and never having enough time to get things done?

Imagine having the skills to transform a complicated, confusing or overwhelming task or project into a fun, organised, functional plan. Imagine mastering a simple step-by-step process that will allow you to achieve more than ever before, free you from the repetitive, and time consuming demands of your “to-do” lists while providing you with a clear perspective and the flexibility to achieve your goals with a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment. Wouldn’t it be great to take sixty or seventy tasks from your “to-do” lists, and transform them into six or seven easy to manage areas, reducing your burden and freeing yourself from stress?

These are just some of the achievements you will realise by working with a Work-Life Balance Coach with skills and training based in psychology. And all it will take from you is a focused commitment during ten coaching sessions.

Each of the ten easy to understand sessions will provide you with a step-by-step process that will produce results, transform your life and give you the emotional rewards to live your life with meaning and purpose.

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