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Some people are ambivalent to try hypnotherapy because they think it is outside of their realm of experience and the uncertainty of trying something new causes fear and concern.

However, the state of hypnosis is not new to us. The fundamentals of hypnosis – that is, being in a relaxed state and open to suggestion – are very much a part of our daily life, but because we are not aware of it, we are not harnessing the power hypnosis has to offer. In fact, being unaware of hypnosis in our daily life can have negative effects upon us financially and personally.

Have you ever listened to a really amazing speaker? They were so good you become totally engrossed in the story. A common saying in sales is “stats tell and stories sell”. This is not only true for sales but across all aspects of our life.

Influential people convey interesting, and intriguing stories, that you indirectly, or subconsciously align with. The stories carry an underlying suggestion, which is intended to influence your behaviour. Influence occurs when our conscious mind is drawn into a story and allowing our subconscious mind to be open to suggestion.

Think of a television commercial you have watched which left you wondering what the commercial had to do with the product itself. The advertisers deliberately took you on a magical journey of beauty, abundance, joy, success, fulfilment, love and happiness. At the end of the commercial they flashed the product in front of you, and your subconscious mind automatically anchored the product, to the emotions you experienced during the commercial.

Influential speakers have been harnessing the power of hypnosis, influence and the subconscious mind for decades – and now the research and psychology backs it up. They continue to do so because it works!

Psychology and scientific studies have proven hypnotherapy to be a very effective and natural treatment for a range of issues and concerns such as, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders, stress reduction, management of chronic pain, weight loss, addiction and behavioural issues.

Don’t allow hypnosis to be something that happens to you. Take control, make an appointment, and start living the life you deserve.

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